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Financial demands of an Acting Career

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Invest in yourself and your career

Every career or business has costs of doing business.

A taxi driver has to pay for road tax, insurance, MOT and the car payments, before he makes £1 in turnover, let alone makes any profit..

The same goes for an acting career.

Like any business, there are costs of doing business.

Every level of development and progress requires investment and so has financial implications.

From changing and adding to headshots regularly, courses and workshops, coaches, books, showreel scenes(if you don't have any) and equipment to enable you to produce high quality self tapes, the demands dont stop. Even gym passes, haircuts, clothes and makeup can be a cost many Actors don’t consider.

By allocating budgets to these things on a monthly, quarterly or yearly business, even if you don't always have the funds you can still progress

A good example is casting platforms

Using these approx costs

Spotlight - £140 per year

Mandy - £120 per year

star now - £100 per year

total - £360 per year for just those three platforms

That's equivalent to 6 days of minimum wage work a year

Or £30 per month

Or £6.92 per week

Or 2 coffees a week

Or 2 Tesco meal deals and a snickers

Or two pints in wetherspoons

Or three slices of cake

You get where I'm going with this....

You can use an equivalence that's relevant to you

A few equity minimum rate acting jobs from any of these platforms can cover a year's cost of platform subscriptions, headshots, training and development, voicereels,, all those costs of doing business to a certain (higher) standard.

Anything we want to build in life requires a level of investment. As we grow and improve as actors, the time it takes to see a return on investment, gets shorter and we go into profit much sooner.

The next thing we know, that investment in the activity and career we love, is us paying back with more and more interesting work

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